Recording, composition and music production for advertising, cinema, multimedia, artists and groups

  • Music productions
  • Composition of unpublished music
  • Music arrangements -from lyrics or melodies
  • Recording of covers or versions
  • Recording of musical bases for singers
  • Recording of solo singers, groups or musical ensembles
  • Sound mixing and mastering -online
  • Studio renting by hours, one technician included
  • Gift experiences to record songs

Production Team

Toni Soriano 2

Toni Soriano

Sound producer

With more than 20 years of experience as a sound producer and technician, Toni Soriano has carried out the recording of multiple groups and artists and has collaborated with the best musicians and producers in Barcelona. Toni is very passionate about his work and is always searching new forms of conveying emotions through sound.


Nacho Romero

Music composer, arranger and producer

Nacho Romero is a music producer and singer-songwriter from Barcelona. He has released a record and several singles. Nacho is a very gifted composer of music and lyrics. Apart from his personal projects, he writes and produces songs for various artists in Spain alongside with producer and guitarist David Palau.

David Palau

Collaborating musicians

At ONDA Estudios we believe that, for a production being successful, the team has to be formed by the best professionals. That is why we collaborate with: David Palau (guitar and production), Alba Robles (voice & chorus), Jordi Barceló (piano and arrangements), Manuel Alonso (flamenco guitar) and Gerard Marin (bass), among others.

Artists and clients